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case studies

These are select case studies of some of my work.

Project Management |
Strategic Plan

Articulated a clear and concise vision for TNTP's strategic direction. I engaged leadership and staff in crafting its strategic plan. Executed and devised a roll out strategy to engage staff in the new vision, leading to a 13% increase in staff feeling well informed about the organization's direction. The strategic plan is used to raise over $10 M in operating funds and guides the work of nearly 400 TNTP staff.

Responsibilities included:

  • Engaging leadership in clarifying vision

  • Project and staff management

  • Clarifying and simplifying messages

  • Writing initial drafts and overseeing edits

  • Creating and managing rollout strategy

Content Marketing

Created the digital marketing strategy for Unity Homes which included using content marketing to increase awareness, engagement, and acquisition of new leads.  Coordinated the tactical execution of the strategy including the creation of a download guide, launch of digital ads and development of an email nurture stream. Results lead to a nearly 40% increase in website users, an 85% increase in Facebook impressions and doubling the number of emails acquired.


Responsibilities included:

  • Analysis of previous marketing efforts

  • Development of digital marketing strategy

  • Project management

  • Creative and editorial oversight

  • Coordination of design, content and distribution

  • Primary liaison with marketing firm

Designs by Joey Morgan.
Execution by Paragon Digital

Strategic Communications

Created and executed strategic communications efforts for a national initiative to create more equitable and abundant access to nature in cities. As a collaboration between two major national non-profits, I coordinated among internal and external stakeholders, developed yearly strategy, managed project timelines, and executed tactics. Provided direct strategic communications support to local city teams and national technical staff.


Responsibilities included:

  • Developed and executed strategy

  • Project management

  • Content creation and editing

  • Facilitation of communications meetings 

  • National and local staff support and coordination

Designs by Kelly McManus.

Online Fundraising 

Oversaw all aspects of SCA's online fundraising, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars online. One of the largest fundraising campaigns included a month-long Million Dollar Challenge. We connected all digital platforms with campaign messages and creative, including website, email, social and digital advertising. We aligned all online components with the direct mail campaign to increase donor response rates, leading to an average 10% increase in year over year campaign revenue.

Responsibilities included:

  • Strategy development

  • Execution oversight

  • Project management

  • Staff and consultant management

  • Collaboration with direct mail

Designs by Julia Eva Bacon and RobbinsKerstin Direct.

Cause Marketing

Oversaw corporate partnership fulfillment related to cause marketing and volunteer event engagement. Managed the digital cause marketing campaign between SCA and American Eagle Outfitters that won the HALO cause marketing award. Cause marketing and events strategy led to hundreds of thousands of dollars of corporate funding support as well as helping to achieve corporate social responsibility objectives while supporting organizational goals.


Responsibilities included:

  • Digital campaign and events strategy

  • Creative oversight

  • Project and staff management

  • Consulting firm daily point of contact

  • Corporate funder liaison 

Designs by Julia Eva Bacon.
Design and execution of voting microsite by Cornershop Creative.

Website Redesigns & Microsites

Managed the redesign and development of non-profit websites, micro-sites and interactive pages to promote constituent, alumni and donor engagement. Redesigns led to a 23% and 49% increase in monthly unique visitors. Devised strategies and oversaw execution of micro-sites to engage alumni, donors and constituents via online communities, photo contests, story submissions and interaction maps. Sites served as list-building and engagement tools to increase audience base, deepen affinity and increase engagement.

Responsibilities included:

  • Creative strategy

  • Project management

  • Staff and consultant oversight 

  • Digital strategy and execution oversight

Unity Homes resdesign and execution by Paragon Digital.

Website redesign, map and spirit wall by Cornershop Creative.  

Photo contest web design by  Julia Eva Bacon.

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